How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

If you found yourself here, it shows that you really want to become successful in this blogging industry and you know what you are doing, so relax and read this article very well.

This article was written due to proper researchs and personal experience, blogging is pretty not what you think it is, you might find yourself in difficult situation if you don’t understand the term (Blogging).

Note that this article is not for motivation or depression, this post will simply tell you the reason you haven’t been growing in the industry and solutions to it.

You can use the table of contents to skip this article to the main discussion or I rather recommend you read everything carefully.

As a young and a beginner blogger, the intention from most of us, is going into blogging, post and make money, because we see people make money from it on a steady, this has blind so many of us, that we don’t have the patient to wait anymore or write quality Content, or do proper Seo, Yes! Of course we need money.

But first ask yourself these questions; why am I really going into this, can I really do this, how does this blogging of a thing works, what things do I need to get started and become successful, if you do this, then you are heading somewhere, so be patient and do the necessary follow up and research.

Okay now! You have done the follow up or not, let me take you to the real deal of the game, and let you know, what you have been doing wrongly.

How to become successful in Blogging

Below I have listed things you aren’t doing properly, this will help you get up as quick as possible, do not think Blogging is a one day thing, and overnight you get all the money No No No!

Set You Goals

Yeah! You should set up goals before going into blogging, don’t just rush into it, if you don’t want to rush out of it, because this where people set to fail, when they is no goals, bro! Fail is on its way.

Setting your goals, this what gives you a heads up on what you want to do, the steps you will take, level you are gonna achieve, goals are your plans, you road map for your blog or business, it’s what set you aside from millions of bloggers out they.

Choose A Niche

A niche, helps you become stay more focused on what you want to write about, don’t just write, random Article, this won’t help you grow.

A niche is a focused category, for example, you choose (Entertainment) as a niche, it’s a wide niche, you have to choose sub-niche like (News, Music, Movie etc…), okay now we choose music as our main focus, all the content on our site should be about music.

Okay let me choose, Tech as my niche, this is a very broad niche, so am gonna choose,  (Gadgets) as my sub-niche, when writing am gonna write everything about gadgets only, this will me search engines Understand your website and rank you better.

Set Up Hosting

If you don’t have a web hosting, you need to get one, because this is a very vital part of your blogging career, infact, it’s the blog housing (where all your documents, database and others will be store).

When getting a hosting plan, you should look out for the best hosting company, don’t just use any hosting provide, observe the features they offers.

Get a fast web hosting, as this contribute to how fast your website will be index by search engines, a lightweb speed server will do, and also the location of the hosting matters,(example when you buy and hosting and it servers are located in Canada, when people form there are search, it will process your site very fast to them, this will reduce bounce rate.

You can also use, CDN (Content Delivery Network) to support your hosting, they are many cdn providers, like Cloudflare (this is the most popular and reliable in the market right now.

Domain Name

Yes, this contribute to the overall, as it’s the address that showcase your written documents to your audience, when choosing a domain name, you have to pay attention to the name you want.

Let the name, address of the domain be more related to your niche, as it will help search engines discover your site fast, ranks it better, when terms are been searched for, so choose wisely.

Set Up Your Site

Now! You are done with the niche, web hosting and domain name, it’s time to set up the site, you have to build up your site using a good CMS(Content Management System) like the most popular one is WordPress, it’s very easy to use and can easy be customize to your own taste.

You can set this up yourself or hire a professional website developer to help you set everything necessary things. Check out A Step-By-Step Guide To Create A Free Blog

Things You Need to Note when setting up or building your site, is the theme and Plugin been used, this is a most read, please pay attention, as most of the beginners get it wrong here most times.

Choose A Good Theme

Yes! This contribute to your overall site performance and site structure, they are very many free well optimized themes inside the wordpress theme directory, but most of this bloggers aren’t using this, we want premium themes, that we don’t want to pay for.

A lot of bloggers, thinks, premium themes are the best, fast, Seo optimized or eh…, no no, you are all wrong, using premium theme is good, but note: when you can’t afford this themes, use the free one’s available to you, whenever you have the money, you can buy the premium.

Due to this, most of us intend to use free premium theme, which are Nulled, Cracked version of the original, this can be very harmful to your site, most of this nulled themes are loaded with virus, images are also corrupt, files, and other, sometimes you use, virustotal to scam this, you won’t see anything.

These kind of theme, can load harm elements to your database, causing more resources been used, start sending in bot Traffic, cause site not indexing on search engines, Yes! I have experience this, as at the start I wanted to use premium, because other bloggers are using it, and they are ranking, so I thought the theme may be the main thing that is making them rank.

When you use, Nulled or cracked them, you can see lot of spam comments, coming in massively form unknown sources, please avoid nulled theme.

I will recommend you these themes (Mh Magazine, Astra, Ribbon Lite, GeneratePress, Ultra) these themes are fast and well optimized for seo

Choose A Good Plugin

Boom, bloggers also, get it wrong here, when setting up your wordpress site, plugin are very necessary, such as Seo plugin, broken link plugin and more.

They are tons of free plugin inside wordpress plugin directory that you can use as a beginner to get things started.

Doh, most of the tools there have free and paid version of it, because of this, most bloggers thinks that the paid version will be better as they is a lot of features on the paid one.

Let’s take for example, Yoast Seo Plugin, this tools has free and paid, which in my case the free is better, but based on greediness, some bloggers wants to use the premium version and don’t want to pay for it, so they go for the Nulled Cracked version of the plugin.

Hmm, this is very bad, you can do very well with the free version, don’t go for nulled, lately the Cracked version of The Yoast Plugin was populated with virus, that slows your site, use up the hosting resources and put your site offline, cause site de-ranking on search engines, cause lot of spam comments.

If you really want to be successful in Blogging avoid everything Nulled, Cracked, use the free one, you can rank with the free version if you know what you are doing, that’s why you need to set up your goals.

Let’s move to the next part, which is content writing.


Oh, Yeah! Content is King, if you want to get to where you have set on your plan, content is King, wow, you need to read this section carefully, infact go through it over and over again, till it stick to your head.

Some bloggers write random contents, which can’t help you grow, Yeah! It can’t, don’t worry this is not one of those motivational quotes or write up, you have probably been writing contents but none is ranking, you have to re-strategize, check what you have been writing, how does it relate to your niche and domain, how does it help people.

Don’t just write and expect ranking on search engines, it takes good optimized and helpful contents to rank.

How to start writing contents that ranks on search engines, a well optimized content.

Keywords Research

This is important if you really wants to rank and get organic traffic to your site, it’s a vital part of writing contents, as it will help you focused on the niche you have chosen already.

Keyword research helps you understand, the traffic volume, cost per click (CPC), difficulty (chance of ranking), competitors, targeted country, backlicks.

Free Tools to help you get started with Keywords research: (Google Keyword Planner, Keyword EveryWhere, Answer The Public, H-Super Tools)

Paid Tools: (Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz).

How To Optimized Your Content

Now, that you have the idea on how Keywords research helps in content writing, it’s time to optimize you contents for those Keywords, here is where Seo plugin comes in.

The Meta Title

Your content titles contribute to your rankings, this what will been shown on search engines, writing a good title will help you a lot, to do so, the Keyword you wants to rank for, should be in the title, most time I recommend the Keyword to be at the beginning or middle.

Meta Description

Your Keywords should also appear in the description, write a good meta Description that can attract people’s attention to click.

The Url

Your Keyword, should also be found in the url of the post, so it will make it more easy and understandable for search engines.

The First Paragraph

Yeah! This is important, your Keywords should be found in the first paragraph of the content, it’s a very good start to rank.

Middle or Sub-heading

This is also an important part, Keywords should be found in one of the Sub-heading of the content, it helps search engines Understand the Keyword you are trying to rank for.

Last Paragraph Or Conclusion Of The Post

Yes! Keywords should also be found at the last part of your contents, as it helps concludes everything you are writing about.


Image should also contain your Keywords, as this will help you, rank your images better on search engines.

What You should avoid if you want to be successful

This part of this article is very crucial, a lot of people get it all wrong, do not skip this part, it will help you avoid spam traffic, avoid search engines penalty, helps you avoid site not ranking and more.


Backlinks are very important, it’s make it more easier and faster for search engines to index and rank your contents, it stand as a reference or rather referral, it tells search engines that the website or post is important.

Backlinks are other websites pointing to your own website, this is good, but some bloggers abuse this by create spam Backlinks, and others.

What you should avoid is buying of Backlinks, either from Fiverr or other platforms, you can get Natural Backlinks by creating good contents, you can also get Backlinks by out reach, follow up bloggers in same niche as you are, ask them to link back to your site if it has related contents, you can write guest post to them and they may include your links to it.

But do not pay on any platform that offers you 10,000 Backlinks for $10.

Social Media

Do not spam social media platforms with your links, this is bad, what you should do is, create a business page and verify your domain on the page to create good social signals.


Thank you for reading to this end, you are on your way to success, hope you follow up all the mentions on how to become successful in blogging, also note that blogging is not an overnight thing, it takes time, but if you read this article carefully you might speed up things.

If you need any help in getting your blogging career set up, you can reach out to me, I we be very glad to help you with your needs.

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