How to copyright an image for free in 2022

How to copyright an image for free in 2022

How to copyright an image for free

Hey, guys, this is another tutorial on how to copyright an image for free, there are no more copyright claims, the steps here will show you how to make an image unique for your blog post or anything you want to use it for, let’s get started.

What Is an image

Image is a unique piece of art that helps interpret the beauty of any object, it can also be the visual representation of an art (Imagination).

Copyright Free Image

If you are a blogger, you should always use a copyright-free image if you are not the right owner of that image, because the image plays a unique role in helping your blogpost rank higher on google, follow the steps below to make any image unique.

Step 1

Download the image which you want, there are different sources of image providers, but I don’t advise you to use the pictures gotten from them without doing some work, you can download images from any websites of your choice.

Step 2

Go to and create a design then you will see Edit Photo, click on it and upload the downloaded image, when uploaded, click Edit This Image.

Step 3

To make the image unique, and a border element to it, that’s all, now you can use your copyright image free.


This post is for educational purposes only, do ask for permission from the original owner, before using their materials on your projects.

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