Profitable Niche Blogging In Nigeria

Profitable Niche Blogging In Nigeria

Hey, in this article, I’ll be showing you profitable niches in blogging – the best guide, if you are about starting one but first I’ll explain briefly what is blogging and why it’s good to be a blogger and to own a blog.

Profitable niches in blogging – The best guide

What is Blogging? Blogging is one of the quick ways of communication directly to an audience in a web page language. It’s also a medium of expressing what you feel or passion to a particular set of people online. It’s a great way to express yourself through blogging. It will make you a better writer and person. Also you can make money doing it.

What is a Blog? A blog is similar to a website but it’s consist of web pages that expresses your writings and passion in a particular niche. Blogs have different topics (niches) which I will explain profitable niches that can fetch you good money through your blog.

What are the Profitable Niches in Blogging?Technology: This niche focuses on reviews, gadgets, WordPress, tech news, SEO and any other topics under technology. This niche is highly profitable and educative and for this reason, this niche ranks on Google search engine.

Affiliate Marketing Niche: This is a niche that focuses on selling digital products online on a blog and get paid for it. It can also be seen as an investment or business blog where you don’t need to wait for Google Adsense before you earn but you can do business. How? When you want people to buy a particular product, all you do is write good content about that particular product on your blog and attached with your affiliate link so when visitors click on the link, it would take them to the product you want to sell and once they make purchase, you’re automatically paid for it.

News Niche: This aspect of blogging is interesting because a lot of people want to get updates daily on their device but their are a lot of competition because there are different news platform today. But at the same time, news niche is highly profitable.Lastly,

Micro Niches: These are Niches that don’t have high competitors. Example pet, health, gym and fitness, drugs and so on. If you good at writing any of these micro niches, it will fetch you a better income because most traffic are coming from the United States of America and other top Europe countries.Finally, blogging is a good business and highly profitable if you know how and what to do. I hope this article was helpful. Sharing is Loving, Share everyone

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